Disaster Response and Recovery

AUXILIO staff received training in what is known as “FEMA University”, and having worked continuously since 2005 on multiple disasters across the United States, AUXILIO has the experience necessary to help you manage FEMA projects with success. Our services regarding disaster response and recovery include:

  • Supporting the Preliminary Damage Assessment (PDA) process
  • Managing, directing and training response staff for State or local contracts
  • Writing FEMA recovery grant applications (Project Worksheets)
  • Consulting and Training regarding the FEMA Public Assistance Program
  • Documentation practices for maximizing FEMA reimbursements
  • Appealing eligibility determinations
  • Requesting Alternate or Improved projects
  • Closing FEMA projects (Project Close Out)

We welcome you to contact us for details regarding our services and how we may meet your current needs.

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